it’s that season again

December 3, 2007

so I’m in class right now… It’s so boring and pointless. I better get out before 8 because that’s when the Heroes finale is!!School is winding down. I’ve got 5 finals this semester.I’ll be back in Phoenix next Tuesday. Yeeeah!!!I can’t wait for break…

School = Lame

November 19, 2007

Only 3 more hours. I’ll make it. Then to the center of the universe I go, with my trusty friend Mario, to save Peach from a fat turtle with spikes.

It’s a meeea Mario!

November 17, 2007

I bought it.

Gamestop was having a trade-in special where you get an extra 20% for games traded in towards the purchase of Mario Galaxy, so I traded in 3 games:

Mario Party 8 (which I played a total of 2 times)

Final Fantasy III for DS (which I only played on the day I bought it)

Red Steel (which sucked).

Total cost for Mario Galaxy with those 3 trades: 86 cents.

The game is amazing to say the least. It’s really really fun. I’m up to 18 stars, and I beat the first Bowser.

According to Gamerankings, which collects review scores from pretty much every gaming site, Super Mario Galaxy is the highest rated game of all time.

It’s an insane game, it takes Mario 64 and adds a whole other dimension. The controls are solid; you move Mario with the joystick on the nunchuck, jump with A, and spin by shaking the Wii remote. You have to collect these sparkly things; you do that by pointing your remote at them.

There is a multiplayer mode, if you can call it that. While someone is playing the singleplayer game, another person can help them gather the sparkly things and if they both press A at the same time, Mario does a super jump. It’s kind of annoying though if you are playing with someone who wants to mess with you, because they can make Mario jump, and they can shoot your sparkly things and waste them.

The game itself is amazing though. By far the best game on Wii so far. I wonder how that new Resident Evil game for Wii is…I should check that out.


November 16, 2007

I really need to buy this game…

Mario Galaxy

Should I be studying?

September 30, 2007


Rezzing this dude

June 21, 2007

This blog is making a comeback