Guide to rejected Dota heroes

January 23, 2008

Haha, I just read this crazy post on the Dota forums that talks about all the rejected old heroes. It’s hilarious. I wish there was some version of Dota where you could somehow play all of them.


“Hailing from the magical land of 1mb4, Kael, having forsaken his duty to the comparatively pitiful Illidan and the Burning Legion, decided to join up with the Scourge forces to wipe, once and for all, the Sentinel forces off the face of the Earth. Unlike most heroes, who have only four spells/passives, Kael, being the singular most powerful hero ever, has a massive inventory of 31, that’s right thirty-one, spells. Through Exort, Wex, Quas, the Invoker generates 27 different spell, coupled with his original four, makes 31.”



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